Expectations of "V"

If you are serious about having V assist you in building your business,
it is highly recommended that you review this important page thoroughly.


  1. After you successfully register with TeamVinh, your account will be created and you will obtain access to your TeamVinh.com Back-Office. There is no cost to access your back office. After you have comfortably reviewed all the information in your back office, you can fully engage as a paid TeamVinh Member and enjoy all the benefits.
  2. Once you understand the value and what V can do for you, you can simply engage as follows;
    1. Pay for your Registration.
    2. Purchase Up-To: 2 VPAK(s).
    3. You will then take a position with TeamVinh’s Qualified & Integrated: MLM Company.***To not overload you with too much information here, all the details of said MLM Company, its valuable Products, and more will be showcased and accessible within your TeamVinh back-office after you join TeamVinh. To ensure maximized earnings for everyone, we have carefully integrated the most qualified MLM business that fits all of TeamVinh’s strict guidelines and civic parameters.Your MLM position will be activated upon engaging with the affordable $39 Monthly Product Commitment.
    4. All purchases are transacted securely via your TeamVinh.com Back-Office.
    5. After you have fully engaged with the MLM Company, you will see action and tangible growth in your Downline as new members are placed under you by TeamVinh!
    6. As each one of your VPAK is fulfilled by TeamVinh - by way of placing a paying member into your MLM Downline (as if you recruited that person yourself); You will then earn the FAST START BONUS and monthly commissions on that member TeamVinh has placed for you! This will effectively reduce your monthly overhead with the MLM Company.
  3. As TeamVinh continues to fulfill VPAKS for the people that are placed into your MLM Downline - your commissions and income with the MLM Company will automatically and systematically grow. As your income rises (above the break-even point), you will upgrade to a higher level within the MLM Company with your profits to enjoy even more of its product benefits and to earn even more income as well. ***All details of the Compensation Plan for the MLM Company will also be showcased in the TeamVinh.com Back-Office.
  4. While you enjoy using its incredible products and as "V" Powers you into Profit, you will naturally want to share this with other people you know. This optional effort will earn you even more income and there is no limit on how much you can earn. 

SUMMARY & For Your Information:

TeamVinh will do all the hard work for you so you can spend more time with your Family. TeamVinh will actually make the first sale for you, and make the sale for the person that is placed under you, and so on and so on… and you will have the opportunity to earn monthly commissions on all of their sales.

Outside of "V", and at any other time in Network Marketing, a person rarely achieves Profit prior to sharing about an Opportunity with others. In "V", all that changes because we want you Profitable even before you decide to share your experience with "V" to others. With “Proof Of Success”, this will make a big difference in your desire to expand your business with us, and for everyone in your Downline as well.

You will only need up-to: 2 (two) VPAK fulfilled to succeed with TeamVinh.  However, if you are a skilled marketing leader, you can engage with 1 VPAK (minimum required) and then Personally Enroll your own people to qualify for the Bonuses & commissions as described in the Qualified MLM Company’s Compensation Plan.


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someone else is jumping ahead of you!


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