Casper JacobMr V,

With utmost courtesy, allow me to share; I am a 68 year old business man, having been self employed more than forty years. I HAVE FOUND MY TICKET TO TOTAL FREEDOM!!

It is with great pride and an incredible honor to be associated with TeamVinh, Having been in NetWork Marketing for about 15 years, I find the vision, the integrity, the synergistic manner in which TeamVinh orchestrates its promise to you and me, its associates is astounding. Truly, TeamVinh is the GAME CHANGER, our industry has been crying out for!

Coupled with the unique Partnerships, TeamVinh has with Mike G, Jane Mark, Tom Heckman, James Holmes, and many more, TeamVinh is indeed about changing YOUR Economy and the Economy throughout much of the world. Hold on!! This will be the ride of your life!!


Casper Jacob
Houston, Texas

Several years ago, my wife and I were on the edge of financial destruction from a couple bad business ventures. We lost a fortune in partnership with some dishonest people and their empty promises and programs. It was from these painful learning experiences that we started over from scratch. One day at a time, with tons of sweat and determination, late nights and early mornings, we clawed our way to a minimally profitable internet and affiliate marketing business. Our passionate dream was and is to help people like you stretch and grow into lives of healthy balance and financial independence. I went back into corporate America and slaved away at my full time job during the day to pay down debts, pay for business costs, and save money. I anxiously worked my tail off nights and weekends on my business. My wife also pitched in and focused on providing balance and happy lives for our children while also helping me with our business on the side.

Enter TeamVinh: When we first joined back in November 2012, we were not fully engaged with anyone at V. We heard about it and we really liked it after we were very thorough in our research. At first, we started passively promoting V on our home business reviews website. However, in exactly 44 days from our registration, our VPAKs were fulfilled. Then came additional members in our downline. Eventually, we became acquainted with various leaders in the V community. As we started to make the effort to connect with people in the community and V leaders specifically, they were open and inviting to us. They began to learn about and utilize our talents and we were eager to contribute because TeamVinh leaders shared our passion and enthusiasm for helping others succeed. This unity allowed us to earn each other's trust more and more.

A company who has nothing to hide, a company who not just responds to customer inquiries but fully engages with its members, a company who invites members to contribute and add value, is a worthwhile and thriving company. TeamVinh is easily the very best marketing company on the planet at these core values. Consequently, they will raise the tide which raises all ships in the home based business industry. It's easy to set high expectations on others and sit back in the critic's chair. Let's face it, there is so much fraud and dishonesty all around us in this world and especially in the home business industry. And yet, TeamVinh exceeds expectations and impresses through careful scrutiny. Bring your discipline and focus to the TeamVinh community. You will soon discover this is the business opportunity of a lifetime!

So back to my story...as a result of TeamVinh, I will soon terminate my day job as the momentum of TeamVinh grows and explodes. You don't have to travel the same difficult path in business when you join TeamVinh! Learn from our mistakes, join today, and participate in this revolutionary program led by visionary leaders. By the way, you have two options as a TeamVinh member:

  1. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the profits - in other words, leave the work to the TeamVinh Professionals!
  2. Unleash your talents and energies to this civic, worthy, inspirational vision that we all know as V!
Either choice is excellent and desirable. Fear not my friend. You get to write the story of your future. Spread your wings, jump in this instant, and see what it feels like to really fly! I mean, to really soar! Can you feel it? The new day dawns for you and it's starts with today! See you around the corner.

Kevin Rhodes, South Jordan, Utah


The Founder and Chairman Vinh H. Le has invented something so profound and revolutionary that it’s going to change the entire MLM industry in a BIG way. This UNPRECEDENTED LAUNCH will not only Revolutionize the MLM industry but it will change your life forever. I’m so proud to be one of the Leaders for TeamVinh.com International and if you are ready for a life changing experience, I encourage you to invest in yourself and Step Into the “V”.

Lavette Domineck
Dallas, Texas, USA

I feel that TeamVinh has one of the best, if not the best, solutions to the MLM industry. By easily relating to the over 99% failure rate in the MLM industry, I have been constantly on the search for ways to find good recruits with little success. So many people agree with me that recruiting is the biggest problem faced by people trying to build a downline. Fortunately, TeamVinh International and PSI have a real solution to the recruiting and selling problem!

My experience with TeamVinh's PSI has been most impressive. PSI has performed superbly and made it possible for me to quickly build my personal downline. I will say that working with PSI is like having the ace of spades that gives you a royal flush or a winning combination in the MLM business world! I can say that without a doubt because I am seeing the good recruits rapidly grow in my back office. This is fantastic!

Thanks for all that you do for us TeamVinh,
-Al Shea, Colorado


I am amazed at how fast TeamVinh is growing my downline...almost one a day for the past 30 days!

If I was trying this on my own, the results would definitely not be this good. With TeamVinh, success is finally knocking on my door! Thank you, TeamVinh!

-Greg Ruppman, Minnesota

Margaret OddyMr V,

After enjoying Vinh's Auto-Bio otherwise known as “Valuable Read”, I was deeply moved by it. The philosophy really strikes a chord, and, having read it, I feel very privileged to be a part of Team Vinh International. The privilege of his personal sharing of wisdom and insights via a number of emails, I know that I have finally discovered the program I've been seeking, i.e: "the gold at the end of the rainbow".

I'm a retired educator, British by birth and Canadian by choice. I taught both children and teachers for 38 years, giving seminars for teachers and administrators across North America. I feel I can learn so much from TeamVinh, as Vinh have opened my eyes to concepts I hadn't even considered before in all my years on Earth.

I've finally found my Internet Home, and the relief is exquisite. During TeamVinh’s BETA Test, my downline was growing and I can hardly WAIT to see what happens after Launch!

As one of the TeamVinh Seniors (I'm in my mid seventies), I have been in network marketing for many years. Never have I experienced so instant a burst of positive energy and enthusiasm for a program as I have with TeamVinh International.

The entire network marketing world has long been awaiting an opportunity that is truly "recruiting free". Armed with TeamVinh's brilliant PSI system, the expertise of our leaders and our CEO's integrity, all of us are now poised to enter a Net Utopia. Those of us who are fortunate enough to catch the vision and enter with thanksgiving will, I'm certain, will be richly blessed. As Vinh reminds us, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". I, for one, wouldn't miss this journey for anything!


Margaret Oddy,
VET Platinum Member

"Need someone to close the deal for you? Can't recruit or sell? Don't know how to sell?

You've landed at just the right spot. TeamVinh’s Agents will do all the heavy lifting for you. If you haven't tried the TeamVinh system yet, I highly recommend you join us now. If everyone could have a TeamVinh PSI Agent standing by their side and looking over their shoulder, internet marketing would be a whole lot easier and more profitable.

-Jane Mark, New York, NY.
President, JAM Marketing Inc., Sokule Inc.,
Co-Owner JPE Advertising.

Al Shea.jpg

“Vinh, when you first told me about TeamVinh International I was skeptical as most people are with so much ( Information Overflow) in network marketing today. It was hard picking the right program for my family’s needs. I needed a system that was turnkey operation, I’m not a salesman never have been but with your (PSI) agent working for me doing all the selling I had never before seen any company offer that with their programs. I found In TeamVinh International a company and program to suit my network marketing needs completely automated from the start. After speaking with you I clearly understood my direction and course of action. I had no idea making a steady stream of income online would be so simple. My family and I couldn’t believe we could make this much money this fast. You hear about all the stories, however now I'm a believer.”

"I get on my laptop; Do some online networking, and then I let it run by itself while I enjoy the day. My wife and I absolutely love this!"

Thanks so much TeamVinh,
-Victor Liesner, Philippines

In reading through Vinh's Auto-Bio and Vinh's Institute Of Wisdom the impression gained before anything else is the enthusiasm and energy behind TeamVinh International.

I am reminded of the film "Carry On Cruising" where the cook made "an international cake to stagger humanity" incorporating a range of international ingredients that would not usually be associated with a cake.

As the TeamVinh International information is "tasted", new facets and insights emerge, like the beauty of a flower unfolding. Personal development by expanding your knowledge and appreciation of the opportunities offered by life will enhance your enjoyment of life.

By also developing an appreciation of your ability to reach out and help others, your own life is enriched. The financial benefits of being involved with TeamVinh further allow you to add a new dimension to your life.

For many people this will be their first primary consideration and they will grow and develop from there.

I look forward to future chapters and the success of the TeamVinh PSI System.


Graeme Elliott, New Zealand

I am very excited that we have LAUNCHED! Now that I can advertise my TeamVinh link and get people personally enrolled in my business I expect my numbers to “take off”!

Jim Kurz
Pine Bluff, AR

My name is Edward Willis and I am a missionary living in the Philippines. I have tried for several years to generate some extra money on the internet to support myself, since my only income is a $600 Social Security check.

When I first saw a webinar explaining how TeamVinh.com was planning to rule and reign all over the web I thought, “What a sales pitch”. However I did have a few questions. So I e-mailed Mr. Vinh Le just to make sure that I understood what he just said.

To my surprise I received a prompt reply within minutes. He addressed my concerns and my intuition told me that this company was different! He literally talked to me like I was his little brother, although I am twice his age, that he fondly desired to succeed.

It wasn’t until later that I realized he was the Founder of the company! I was blown away thinking how could a man involved in big business mergers, a soon approaching launch, expansion ideas, and his desk piled with future growth plans—how could he take the time to return emails to a little guy like me?

To make my point quickly, through a series of e-mails he explained how, even starting with very little, to position myself for the tidal wave of Networkers and entrepreneurs that would be beating the doors of TeamVinh down to get in. Starting with meager funds I worked his plan and I am now in a Leader Position!

Who cares about getting rich quick? I am a very happy camper as I witness my downline growing systematically!

-Edward Willis, Philippines
Elite TeamVinh Leader

Vinh H. Le: Chairman, Advisor, Mentor

I am pleased to be a student of your “University”. As a Senior Citizen, I want to take a moment to thank you for your on-line teaching for self-fulfillment and success.

At an age when we would prefer contentment and serenity, many seniors are instead experiencing fear, apprehension and dismay for a myriad of reasons i.e. health, death, and most recently a "reversal of fortune".

TeamVinh instructs all people of all ages who wish serenity and contentment in their lives, by studying and internalizing the "element of a purposeful existence" to share that knowledge with others, especially grandchildren.

TeamVinh teaches the virtues of "mental hygiene" for goal accomplishment. At age 72 my husband recently earned Black Belt status in Songahm Taekwondo. The Master Teacher and students of all ages were exceedingly proud as was my husband.

In closing. I recommend TeamVinh to folks of all ages, especially seniors wishing a purposeful existence, self development and mental hygiene allowing total focus to reach your goals. For only through the use of total focus were the Navy Seals able to our-perform Olympic athletes, or the New Orleans Saints win a Super Bowl. All manner of self-fulfillment are taught at TeamVinh which I highly recommend.


Flo Moutsatson, Michigan