Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: September 30th, 2013

What will be my total start up costs to fully engage with TeamVinh?
The affordable Start-Up Costs consists of:

  • TeamVinh Registration Fee (One-Time).
  • Purchase of a TeamVinh VPAK to GROW your business.
  • Engage and Upgrade with the Qualified 3rd Party – MLM Vehicle.

All Start Up Costs and Details can be found within our Secured REGISTRATION Page.  


WHAT are the TeamVinh Qualifying parameters for the Network Marketing Program or “VEHICLE”?
Can TeamVinh Propel other MLM Programs or “Vehicles” such as: Amway, Melaleuca, WorldVentures, etc.?

Currently at this time - No.
TeamVinh has very Strict, Logical, and Non-Arbitrary parameters for qualifying an MLM “Vehicle” for civic integration with the V System. Said parameters can be viewed here:     At this time, the only Qualified Vehicle, which is International ready, is privy to Registered TeamVinh Members located in the TeamVinh Back Office only.   For the future, TeamVinh plans to have an organized and focused Sterling Products “Catalog”, which will showcase and categorize only the best Products of its type – in the World.


How does the TeamVinh “V” SYSTEM work?
TeamVinh is a true Turn-Key SYSTEM.
The heart of the TeamVinh System is its powerful DynamicTrafficChannels or the “DTC”.  The DTC generates all the LEADs and Traffic for TeamVinh Members.  As Prospects and Visitors are professionally introduced and presented, they are strongly compelled to engage. Just like you, they either Sign Up right through the website and take position : Or they call the TeamVinh PSI Call Center for more information before engaging.  TeamVinh does all the work in terms of presentation, selling, and converting of all prospects for you and for everyone in your Downline.

For further details and the Video on “HOW IT WORKS” : CLICK HERE.

An Analogy is that TeamVinh categorizes “MLM” Companies and/or their products “VEHICLES”.  
The DTC (LEADs and Traffic) are: “FUEL”.
The V Platform & PSI Call Center is the: “ENGINE”.
And together it SELLS and Converts, which Propels TeamVinh’s qualified MLM or Network Marketing Products for TeamVinh Members 100% Turn-Key – Worldwide.

TeamVinh Agents provide total support and customer service relating to the TeamVinh System, and guide you to take the position correctly so that the System works for you timely after you join. And we do that for you and for everyone calling in after you or under you.


How does TeamVinh MAKE ME MONEY?
For further details and the Video on “HOW IT WORKS” : CLICK HERE.

And to give you more insights, TeamVinh simply boils down to the following mechanisms;

  • As a privileged TeamVinh Member, the TeamVinh Platform and TeamVinh DTC in conjunction with our PSI Agents at our state-of-the-art Call Center(s) will be progressively channeling and converting all the Leads for all its members.
  • Each 1 VPAK generates: 1 Personally Enrolled or “PE”.   
  • As TeamVinh fulfills your VPAKs by way of placing PE’s directly into your Downline (on your behalf and as if you did it yourself), you will instantly qualify to participate in our Third Party MLM’s automated income multiplier, which has the potential to multiply your monthly income by 4X what your monthly product cost is. You may then rise in income as TeamVinh does the same for everyone that is placed into your Downline, and as you further qualify with at least 1 additional referral (via VPAK, VPAK Option, or any personal referral of your own)
  • Further, from a global standpoint, as TeamVinh Fulfills VPAKS for everyone above and around you, it will be creating one Global Downline Team, which then offers you the opportunity to earn on the growth and success of the entire program via additional bonuses.
  • All fulfillment and Downline actions are performed on a First-Come-First-Served Basis.
  • And, as your Downline duplicates and repeats the same Systematic Steps, your TeamVinh International Business will continue to Grow and Duplicate in the most Optimum way.
  • TeamVinh will do all the work for you.  TURN KEY. 24/7. International. Simple. Powerful.   This is the game changer you (and everyone) have been waiting for. You will be on your way to making a solid monthly income.

By now, you should be able to envision the true power of TeamVinh.  “V” is the MAIN component that drives your qualified MLM business and puts it on complete Autopilot.

YOUR success is absolutely our success! We are confident that TeamVinh can change your life soon after you Register and fully engage with our unique program.


Why is there no “Sponsoring” or no “Recruiting” in V?
There is never to be any “Sponsoring” or Recruiting in V (the old way – 99% Failure Rate = DOES NOT WORK). Hence, V is a [Refer]  ONLY environment and even Referring is also optional. *TeamVinh members refer after they attain a level of success and that referring energy synergistically helps accelerate everyone’s growth.  *If you are ready to Refer others to TeamVinh, simply use your Replicated Link, which was generated for you and is Visible in your Back Office when you Log-In.

There is never to be any “Sponsoring” or Recruiting in V (the old way – 99% Failure Rate = DOES NOT WORK).  Hence, V is a REFER-ONLY environment, in which you may offer the automated power of “V” to others utilizing our special resources and technologies, keeping this program simple, exciting, and truly duplicatable.  *If you are ready to Refer others to TeamVinh, simply use your Replicated Link, which was generated for you and is Visible in your Back Office when you Log-In.

In V, if you Register and Purchase your 1 VPAK, and then fully engage with V’s Qualified 3rd Party MLM Company that is integrated with V by making 1 additional referral to the V System…THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO to be successful because V does ALL the hard work – for you.  As Your VPAK is fulfilled with a paying member, and those members get their VPAKS fulfilled, and so forth, your Downline grows Systematically with “no holes” and is fully optimized. 

V is engineered to Civically LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD – FOR ALL. So it does not matter and no longer matters who you are or who is placed under you [A VERY GOOD THING].  In other words, even if you are a “Donald Trump” or “Warren Buffet” or a “Bill Gates” who has engaged with V – you make the same amount of money per each position as if you were a retired “Fireman” or sitting in a “nursing home” or overseas in the “Army” (a Soldier – unavailable to “sell” - fighting for our Country), etc.  The “same amount of money” is a lot (potentially several thousands of dollars per month or more when your Downline grows over time, just like in any other Viable business).  And a V Member can have separate Legal entities for additional “Business Centers” if they wish for an “unlimited” income potential environment. *Please consult with your Country’s Professional Accounting or Business advisors on this accordingly.

However, for the Leaders & Professionals who understand V’s Unique Purpose, Paradigm Shift, and Revolutionary approach to the entire MLM Industry, there is also an incredible opportunity to Excel far beyond the minimum level of participation, and thereby enjoy serious profit potentials as a Leader who continues to share the V System with others, helping V to combat the terrible attrition rates of ordinary home business programs, and thus helping to support the overall Mission of V:  to create lasting and certain success for all.  To learn more about our V Leadership Earning Opportunities, please refer to our Third Party MLM compensation plan, upon registration.


What is the Time Frame for VPAK Orders to be fulfilled?
How long will it take before I start to see results?

It is not Legal, and the Law prohibits TeamVinh from giving specific time frames or guarantees. However, the genuine TESTIMONIALS  page can give you a good idea on the general and typical time frames.  However, we must inform you that: past performance is not indicative of future results.  But please note that all Time Frames in the past was through the development of TeamVinh, which means in moving forward, we strongly feel that the time frames for VPAK Fulfillment will be much better.    


Can you tell me more about the qualified 3rd Party MLM Company’s product?
In the effort to minimize information overload to the Visitors to TeamVinh, it is the normal presentational structure of TeamVinh to not encompass too much information. Therefore, TeamVinh has placed the details of the 3rd Party MLM Company and its Resource & Information Center to be located in the TeamVinh Back-Office after your Registration with TeamVinh.


If I have my own LEADs, can TeamVinh call them for me?
Because TeamVinh’s DynamicTrafficChannels "DTC" are doing all the work and generating all the LEADs & Traffic and does the heavy lifting for you as part of the standard system, we do NOT need your Leads.


Can I just “skip” the purchase of my VPAK and go straight to the 3rd Party MLM Company or “Vehicle” ?
No, because you will be missing the most important piece of the system (ENGINE & FUEL), and if you are not Registered with, we will not know you exist and cannot communicate with you or help you by placing valuable Personally Enrolled “PE” Accounts into your MLM Downline. You wouldn’t want to buy a VEHICLE or a “car” without an Engine or Fuel, would you?


What is the history of the unique name for the company: “”?
Originally, the Founder was thinking of a more traditional name (i.e. “ABC Advertising & Marketing Corporation”). However, confidently anticipating that: (i) V will be revolutionizing the entire Network Marketing industry, (ii) its Professionals, Community, and Members united as a TEAM, (iii) headed by its Founder: Vinh H. Le, and (iv) Online Reach - No Boundaries – Worldwide Impact : : : yielded the name: International.


Where is International located? is International and is strategically headquartered in Singapore (currently one of the top and strongest Banking and Financial Capitol in the World). Our corporate address is published in the website and within the CONTACT US page.