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Administration Team

Mr. Kenneth Wallace

Mr. Kenneth Wallace has been self employed for over 35 years. His people management skills stems from experiences in: Construction, Real Estate Development, and has managed well over $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars) in revenue and specializes in new business development. Ken has been involved in Network Marketing for over 15 years and has been following Vinh's work with Unconditional Loyalty since the dawn of "V". Ken is a substantial Partner of V and is serving International as its Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Jay Luck

Mr. Jay Luck is a professional sales and marketing trainer and business coach dedicated to assisting professionals achieve the highest levels of success and profitability since 1972. His successful marketing consulting strategies has turned around over 40 projects, increasing sales by no less than 20% and in one case, as much as 3000%. Experienced in the network marketing and MLM arena both as a trainer and Downline Builder, Jay is serving International as its Executive Vice President.

Ms. Kim Yahnke

Ms. Kim Yahnke has 17+ years accounting experience, including 6 years Accounting Auditor for the Hilton making her naturally "thorough". Kim has been Vinh's Trusted Secretary since 2002. Working alongside the Chairman and Accounting, Kim is serving International as Secretary for Chairman.

Ms. Jean Cheong

Ms. Jean Cheong of Singapore is skilled with the ability to read, write, and speak fluently the languages of: English, Chinese, & Japanese. She is also a TaeKwonDo - Black Belt Holder, which many of its Principles applies to Life and Business, especially Dedication, Honor, and Discipline. She further has extensive experiences in traditional businesses and of course Network Marketing. Among many other skills and attributes to “V”, which includes being the largest loyal financial backer to the Chairman; Ms. Jean Cheong is Dynamically serving International as its Investor Relations and Trusted Advisor.

Mr. Gregory Ruppman

Mr. Gregory Ruppman, a long time friend of the Chairman, unconditionally trusted, and is a Technical “Wiz”. Greg is serving International as its important: VPAK Administration & Member Support.

Mr. Tin Huynh

Mr. Tin Huynh has 10+ years experience as a business owner with excellent people-management skills. Since 2010, Tin is one of the largest loyal financial backer for the Chairman and is serving International as its Trusted Advisor.

Mr. Michael Glaspie

Mr. Michael Glaspie “MikeG” has been with International since the inception of its Vision by Vinh. Mike has been online since 1998 – “the dawn of the Internet”. Mike is arguably the “Biggest Internet Marketing Guru” in the World. Mike is a close Friend of the Chairman and is serving International as the “Supreme Marketing Consortium”.