Meet the Founder & Team of "V"

Hello fellow Networkers and Friends. I come from a Seasoned Business Advisory & Mentorship background. I have also been involved with Network Marketing since 1998. Because when I set my heart to it - I can get to the top of any sales company I am involved in, I am considered the less than 1% that can “Sell”. However, in my Networking Marketing journey, I discovered the FACT that over 99% of the people fail in MLM simply because people cannot sell. ***CLICK HERE for the startling MLM Statistics!

After I discovered those startling facts, I could not have the heart (nor the conscience) to continue to “convince” people that they can sell…when the facts and reality are very clear that they cannot: NO MATTER HOW “GREAT” THE “PRODUCT” WAS. So my Team and I invested a ton of time, moneys, and energies to create the Solution that sparked an MLM Revolution::: International “V”. V is the first Comprehensive and most Viable Solution to MLM’s epidemic problem. With every great solution comes massive opportunity.

Let’s face the facts: you CANNOT build a downline and achieve financial success in “MLM” if you cannot effectively SELL. Period. What if you can have a Professional System do it for you? What if the System is selling for you 24/7? Isn’t getting into business and to have true financial freedom mean that you make money while you are asleep? Of course it does. And with V, you can. “V” has changed the game.

  • We have MLM Gurus – Signing Up.
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  • We have people who cannot sell – Signing Up.
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I hope you can catch the drift.
"V" is for EVERYONE.

In terms of our "Market" applicability, "V" applies to much more than just the Network Marketers that is currently in the “MLM” Industry. International is set to change lives - WorldWide. We are also set to forever change the landscape of Network Marketing and how the world "Sells" or "Sponsor" or "Recruit". I sincerely want to touch your life. V will do all the important and hard work (selling) for you and your family – so you do NOT have to. Congratulations for finding about V. You will remember this day. That I can promise you.

-Vinh H. Le, Chairman International "V"


Administration Team

Supreme Marketing Consortium



Vinh H. Le’s Personal Note:
There is no other time in recent history has our economy been in the state that it is now. The meltdown created by Wall Street greed, financial industry ineptitude, and the mortgage defunct has robbed the dreams of countless millions of people. We need a new game plan and strategies to achieve financial independence.

My experience as a Business Advisor shows that the greatest opportunities emerge when economic times are at its worst. During hard times, people with an entrepreneurial spirit took salvation within the Network Marketing Industry. Big Businesses of tomorrow emerge during these downturns.

TeamVinh has a light at the end of the tunnel. We can provide you with a powerful business solution to help you and your family be much more secured for the future.
TeamVinh offers you a Turn Key financial solution and an International business structure you can entrust. You don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn a part-time or full-time income. With little effort within a satisfactory amount of time, you can even earn an income comparable to a respectable CEO.

The TeamVinh System and its Elements will help make you live Happier and Empower you to make as much money as you want, based on OUR efforts. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANY SELLING OR RECRUITING. We are the only company in the World whom can genuinely make this statement. Your Dreams will be supported by a Fortune 500-Caliber-Company and Civic Concept.

I am committed to taking your dreams to safe harbor. I will help you to achieve and attain that coveted goal we all call: SUCCESS. International “V” is truly an Opportunity of a Lifetime.



  • The World’s first true and absolute Turn Key International business system with the most effective Advertising & Marketing Channels & TOOLS to Civically propel the Network Marketing Industry – for Individuals - Worldwide.
  • By promoting and coordinating the networking activities of marketers through a structured program of powerful cutting-edge and proprietary technology, World-Class Support, satisfying rewards, and incentive plans; V can assist many people in achieving their financial dreams.
  • To encourage all of our members and potential members to take charge of their future. Achieve personal financial independence, live with Freedom, and have more Awareness and Wisdom.
  • AFTER: you see the proven results in YOUR Turn Key: TeamVinh business; we invite you, your friends, your family, and everyone you know to join our Team.

Vinh's Vision

  • To bring forth a Revolution on how Network Marketers in the Industry progressively generate SALES, REVENUES, and PROFIT. Optimum Duplication can now be achieved by “ARMING” every Network Marketer with V. Everyone will know V as the MLM Industry’s finest “WEAPON”. The ultimate GAME CHANGER.
  • Earn Money. Earn a lot of Money. And then give a lot of it away. Support the World. Feed the Needy. *** International is committed to giving a decent portion of its global earnings to Charities, Non-Profits, Children Hunger Fund, Senior Citizens Fund, and Humanitarian Projects – WorldWide.
  • Change lives. Leave a Legend.