Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

RE: Details & Clarification of: TeamVinh LAUNCH PHASES

From the Desk of Vinh H. Le;

Okay TEAM;
As we work as ONE Unit, it is Vital for everyone in the TeamVinh Family to
continually be on the same page. And to keep you informed, I’ve detailed out each PHASE comprehensively below.


PHASE 1: Pre-Launch:

Genuine Purpose of the TeamVinh.com $99.95 Registration Fee:

  • Generation of your TeamVinh.com Replicated Website, Hosting, and supports ongoing updates and improvements to the website.
  • Most importantly, this registration process Time & Date Stamps you for your POSITION in the upcoming: TeamVinh 3x8 Forced Matrix Compensation Plan, which will be the ALPHA – Primary Income. ASEA and other incomes – are secondary and additional. ***Remember: In MLM, POSITION is everything. Be on top by Registering ASAP. Every day matters. We are growing more and more rapidly.
  • Reinforces and capitalizes the initial TeamVinh Co-Op Marketing Campaigns; so that you get SPILLS under your downlines (both TeamVinh & ASEA) during Pre-Launch. It includes initial online and offline ads, and so forth.
  • Funds strategic work such as: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Internet Positioning for TeamVinh.
  • Capitalizes our vital launch components, which includes (i) Web Developer/Programmer aka: the “Oracle” and (ii) the implementation of the 40+ year infrastructure state of the art: TeamVinh PSI Call Center. ***So that we can launch on or about September 15th.
  • Provides ample working capital to the TeamVinh staff (includes your Chairman) for applicable/Relevant daily tasks, travel, and expenses. *I am also personally doing many of the Las Vegas presentations for TeamVinh for our Las Vegas leaders.

Currently, we are tracking everything via the TeamVinh Replicated link for each TeamVinh Member. 

Next, we are a:  Dynamic Advertising & Marketing Medium, classified and categorized as a “SERVICE” for the MLM Industry. In essence, TeamVinh provides LEADs and a Professional Salesmen System. And we do it in a Supreme method, hence it is = Revolution.  Further, in this PHASE 1, TeamVinh will not and cannot have a “MLM” Compensation Plan for these reasons;

  • We are NOT - yet, paying out “MLM” commissions. We are NOT an “MLM” Company. TeamVinh is an Advertising & Marketing Medium. And we don’t want the wrong impression of TeamVinh.
  • TeamVinh 3x8 Forced Matrix & Comp Plan is not completed yet. It doesn’t exist yet!

Henceforth; the only Compensation Plan is the ASEA because it is complete and has its own backoffice/Matrix.  We forward any and all ASEA inquiries to your Upline or contact ASEA directly as they have a great customer service department.


PHASE 2: Soft Launch

Per the in progress work of our computer programmer, once completed, we Unleash and enter PHASE 2 on or about September 15th. We will implement the TeamVinh Marketing PAKs, and although this will add major Velocity for everyone; There still won’t be a TeamVinh Matrix for the 3x8 Comp Plan to trigger because that will take until OCTOBER/NOVEMBER to complete.  ***However, we will continue to track all activities and that the funds will be accumulating and our Team will set aside the to-be-paid-commissions in a separate bank account.



Targeted for NOVEMBER, after we get our full blown Merchant Account implemented and the TeamVinh 3x8 Forced Matrix & Comp Plan is defined/Finalized and 100% completed; we can then enter: PHASE 3: Official Launch.

Then all tracked activities up to this point will be disbursed (we will pay out an immediate 10% for all your TeamVinh $99.95 Registration referrals (direct sponsored only), then proceed quickly to disburse the rest of the revenues PER the accumulated TeamVinh LEAD PAKs revenues [ in accordance with the 3x8 Forced Matrix Comp Plan, which pays 50% of the Net Profit ].  We will pay you Via the “V-Card VISA”.  And ***The money will be liquid and ready in the aforementioned - Separate TeamVinh bank account.

By that time, the TeamVinh.com Revolution of the entire Network Marketing Industry will take on a whole new life of its own. So Congratulations to you for having the Vision on where we are heading…



If you go into the brain of Vinh H. Le, there is a clear and defined method to all the “madness” that is going on during our stage of growth. And I only call it “madness” because there is no way one can know all of these exact details (in my brain) while we are growing and preparing to roll out the biggest Revolution in MLM history. It is only clearly in my mind (because I invented it and am the Founder of this System).

And I can assure you this, and beyond my own experiences and Wisdom instilled within me, there is no one better to guide your Chairman Vinh as I have the best Gurus in the world as our Partner and my personal Mentors. And we know what we are doing and are very good at it. Like Mr. Verdis Norton, CEO of ASEA; my Gurus do NOT need the money and it won’t change their lifestyles - either. And I can further assure you this, WE…
T-E-A-M  V-I-N-H shall help MORE people in their lives than any other company can.


It is an honor to be serving you,


Vinh H. Le
Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom
TeamVinh.com International






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