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Posted On: 3.14.2013

This page contains all International 'V'
Updates & Announcements and acts as an "ARCHIVE".
Updates are sorted from Newest to Oldest.

Please Note:
It is important to know that I personally write all updates and memos to be released to all TeamVinh Members at relevant times. Because it has happened before, this is to ensure there are no further communication errors or misunderstanding that is potentially caused when a third party conveys information during this sensitive stage of TeamVinh development and Genesis launch into the public arena.

Additionally, I personally favor quality updates as oppose to cluttering our Members inbox with "too much" information. So although updates are not as frequent as other companies, our updates will be much more thorough and comprehensive than most.

Please click on the dated links below to review the Corresponding Update in PDF Format:


Vinh H. Le
Author of the Vinh's Institute of Wisdom International "V"


CLARIFICATION of Reminders & Notices: MAR 14th, 2013

FULL THROTTLE Deployment Schedule! :
MAR 11th, 2013

MAR 05, 2013

Full Throttle Update: Your Success is Approaching:
FEB 25, 2013

Full Throttle Update: FEB 07, 2013

Touching Base & Update: FEB 02, 2013

Update & Notices: JAN 17, 2013

New Years Update: The 4th Year Of V: JAN 02, 2013

Touching Base: SH 2x15 Status: DEC18, 2012

Touching Base: a Quick Note: DEC09th, 2012

Official-Launch Update & NOTICES: NOV 30th, 2012.PDF

STRONG REMINDERS: Official-Launch of "V" & Webinar with MikeG! - NOV 23rd, 2012.PDF

Post Official-Launch Update & NOTICE: NOV 23rd, 2012.PDF

PreLaunch Update: Gearing For Official Launch! :NOV 17th, 2012.PDF

PreLaunch Update & Notice: Key Points of the TeamVinh Comp Plan: NOV 9th, 2012.PDF

PreLaunch Update: 3rd PARTY MLM Company Announcment: October 31st, 2012.PDF

PreLaunch Update: A  Comprehensive Corporate Perspective: October 12th, 2012.PDF

PreLaunch Update & Special Announcment: October 5th, 2012.PDF

PreLaunch Update: September 26th, 2012.PDF

ANNOUNCEMENT: Formal PreLaunch & Update: September 3rd, 2012.PDF